Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

  • Automated Scheduling
    • Scheduling feature set up on the website for users to book an appointment 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  We can request there name, phone number, email, etc. to lock them in. The schedule will be linked up with you work calendar. Days/ times will be set for you based on your availability and open times o your business calendar. If you have a meeting during a specific day or time, then that time will be greyed out.
    • Automated Client Lead Delivery
    • Automated Payment
    • Automated Email
    • Automated Text Message Marketing
    • Self-Service Payment
    • Self-Service Document Delivery
    • Self-Service Appointment Scheduling
    • Self-Service Customer Care Requests
    • Self-Service Gift Cards
    • Self-Service Ticket Booking
    • Self-Service Vendor & Entertainment Booking
    • Self-Service Hospitality & Service Scheduling
    • Self-Service Product Ordering and MORE!
  • Blockchain